Pig Man

I begin today’s rant, and one of the first rants ever to be published on this site, with a bitter heart and soul, following the recent events in Romania.

pig man

Together with this, my latest illustration – The Pig Man – a more accurate representation of the politician who is iconic for the current situation. Download full A3 size for poster print here.

And what’s the current situation?
We have the Pig Man – Liviu Dragnea – just another guy who dreams to become PM of Romania, but he can’t, because he’s been explicitly convicted of electoral fraud.
And we have the Socialist-Democrat government – all puppets of the Pig Man – who have put out an emergency decree (which doesn’t go through parliament and can’t be vetoed by the president) in the middle of the night at 1AM on the 1st of February, after people have been protesting against it for a week. This emergency decree would pardon him and the likes of him of ever having been convicted of corruption. So that he can now become PM.
This is immunity to fraud. This is immunity to corruption. Manipulation. Theft. Lies.
This cannot go on.

But you tell me, how the fuck did we get here, fellow Romanians?
Maybe it’s television. The filthy, lying media washing our brains with metallic sponges. Mass-propaganda.
Or maybe it’s the ignorant people who don’t even understand the difference between left and right, who decided it’s a good idea to grow roots in their couches instead of voting so that the destiny of 22 million people shall be decided by less than a fifth of that, specifically the desperate aging puppets who still miss the good ol’ communist times.
Or maybe it’s communism, no, not ex-communism, actual communism which after twenty-seven bloody years it’s still lurking behind our backs like a shiver down your spine, our dear Red Plague, the Social-Democrat Party (PSD) who closely follow in the steps of Moscow-educated traditional commies.
Fuck you, Ion Iliescu – who still didn’t get convicted for his crimes against humanity, twenty-five years after he commited them – the honorary leader of people’s beloved PSD.
Fuck you, Liviu Dragnea – who wants to make an abstract notion of being convicted at all – the current leader of people’s beloved PSD.
Fuck you, each and every other political party. Because NONE of you was able to put out a list of candidates for the Romanian fucking Parliament that haven’t been at least convicted once.

To Liviu Dragnea, this is the message I hope plays in your ears every night after the protests have started, I hope the voices of the five hundred thousand Romanians who went out to protest last night haunt you to death – I hope, we hope, Romania hopes – you rot in jail.

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